Sailor Boy   Speack To The Sky   T.L.A. Dance   The Ghosts Of Culloden  
San Antonio Stroll       Tag On      
Save A Horse   Springsteen   Take Me Home Again The Gun  
Secret Standing Outside Talk Is Cheap   The Harvester
September Shuffle   Start Over Again Tall "T"   The Lucky Ones
Sexy Tractor   Stay Up Tonight   Tango With The Sheriff The Night Is Young  
Shadows Stealing The Best Telepathy      
Sheriff On Fire   Stich It Up Telescope   The Secret  
Sinner       Tennessee Birdwalk   The Spirit  
Shakin Mix     Texas Stomp The Trail  
Skiff A Billy   Stomp   Thanks A Lot   The World  
            Think Of Country
Skiffle Time   Stomping It Out   That Man (Country)


  Thinkin' Country
Slap & Stomp       That Man (Line)   Toes  
Smokey Places Stop Crying   The Belle Of Liverpool   Tomorrow Never knows  

Smokey Places (Partners)

Straighten Up The Boat To Liverpool Tornado  
Some Beach Strip Girls        
    Sunny Side of Life        
Some Broken Hearts   Stupidville   The Flute   Town Of Hope And Memories  
Somebody Like You   Sugar And Pai   The Galway Gathering   Trinity  
Something In The Water   Summer Fly   The Gambler   Triple mix
South Australia   Sweet Baby       Turn Me Loose
Southern Delight Sweet Maureen       Tush Push  
            Twist Twist Twist