I Can't Be Bothered     Jacket Joe  
  I Found A Girl     J'ai du Boogie  
  I Just Want to Dance     Jaihouse Créole
  I m Movin On     Jamaica Mistaka    
  I Saw The Night   Jambalaya    
  I've Got Mexico   Jig It Up  
     I Want To Sing     Jiganaughty    
  Ice Breacker     Joana    
  If Never I Could Love     Johnny God A Boom Boom    
  In A Letter To You     Just A Girl    
  In dreams      
  In My Heart     Just Add Moonlight    
  Irish Folk          
  Irish Knit           
  Irish Spirit          
  Irish Stew          
  Irish Sunrise          
  Island Song          
  Islands In The Stream          
  It Happens          
  It's America        
  It's Easy        
  It's Not O.K.        

It's Time for A Party