Coca Cola Cowboy   D.H.S.S.
C.C.S.   Cockadoodle   Dance All Night
Cabo San Lucas Colorado Girl   Dance In The Moonlight  
    Come As You Are   Dance Like There s Nobody Watching  
    Come Come    
Cajun Celtic   Come Dance With Me Dangerous In Love  
    Come To Dance Darlene
    Corn Don't Crow   Daughters Of Erin
Calypso Mexico Cotton Pickin' Morning   Destination Country  
Cannibal Stomp   Country As Can Be      Devils Shadow  
Carolina Boys   Country Boys Roll   Diamonds Make Babies  
Caught In The Act   Country Roads   Disappearing Tail Lights  
Celtic Autunm   Country Two Step   Dizzy  
Celtic CT   Country Walking   Dixie Girl
Celtic Connection   Country   Do the Woo Woo  
Celtic Kitten   Cowboy Cha Cha   Doctor Doctor
Celtic Na La Cowboy Charleston      
Celtic Step        
Celtic Tribute       Donegan's Real  
Cha Cha One   Cowboy Motion   Dont Look Good Naked  
Chew Da Bacca   Cowboy Strutt   Don't You Wish  
Cheyenne   Cowboy Yoddle Song Down To The River E Z
Chica Boum Boum       Driven  
Chierro   Cowgirls And Angels   Druken Saillor  
Chill Factor   Cowgirls   Drunk Last Night
City Of New Orléans   Cripple Creek   Dublinant
Cliche   Crusin'      
Clickety Clack   Cuban Walk      
Closer   Cucaracha      
    Cupid Shuffle      
    Cut a Rug    
Coastin'   Cute Cute Cute